Vegan friendly with wild yeasts and it's still a very pleasant drink!

Wild yeast ferments sound a bit new-fangled (or perhaps that should be old-fangled) to the Owl and the need to call a wine "vegan friendly" has him shaking his head. But nothing ventured nothing gained so tonight we drank the double act.
And a pleasant surprise it was. Nothing off about these yeasts and the vegan fining had worked a treat. Pleasantly quaffable and I will happily drink it again.

The Owl is not that flash on describing tastes so I'll leave this one to the winemaker Teresa Heuzenroeder:

Pale gold in colour with green tints.
Lifted fruit aromas of fresh quince, nectarine and fragrant citrus blossom with an underlying smoky wild yeast complexity.
Generous stone fruit flavours are balanced by a fine creamy texture, zesty citrus pith acidity and subtle nuances of well integrated French oak.

An 86* out of a 100 on the Owl's quality/value scale.

*The Owl originally posted this wine as rating 81. He made a mistake with his calculations. Sorry.


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