Jancis Robinson and reinventing the wine glass wheel

At least the Financial Times of London wine writer Jancis Robinson has not fallen for that different glass for every wine type nonsense. Asked by London-based product designer Richard Brendon if she would be interested in designing a collection together, Ms Robinson said she wanted to create a single glass, not a series.
“As someone who wants to make enjoying wine as straightforward and pleasurable as possible, I was insistent on a single glass shape and size,” Robinson says in a statement. “So, in detailed consultation with me, and involving many a prototype, we have come up with the 1 Wine Glass, a working complement to wine thanks to my practical input and a work of art thanks to Richard’s perfectionism.”
And here is the result:

The 1 Wine Glass is made by hand, according to the Fast Company website, with a very fine lip so there’s as little glass as possible between the wine and your tongue. They’re designed so that a standard glass of wine (five fluid ounces) sits right at the widest part of the glass to maximize surface area, which enables the wine to release more of its aroma.
Personally, the Owl is not in the business of paying $62 or so on a single glass. The ISO standard glass seems to do the job just fine, thanks, at a dozen for that kind of price.
The ISO standard


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