Rieslingfreak No5 - Initially seduced by sugar content

The Owl has written before about the Rieslingfreak with his No4 being a regular tipple by the glasss when visiting the Tanunda Club. This week it has been the turn of the Freak's No5 which has illustrated to me one of the vagaries of an ageing man's palate.
As I have got older I am sure my taste buds have changed so that I favour less subtle or stronger flavours than in years gone by. And with the No5 my immediate reaction was to like it more than the No4. Only as I got in to my second and third glass did it dawn on me that it was a much higher sugar content that had impressed itself upon me. By the end of the bottle (yes, I drank it all) I realised that it was not quality that initially seduced me but the sweetness. I certainly did not want to open a second one.
At $25 a bottle it comes in with an 80 on the Owl's scale but your verdict will depend on how fruity/sweet you like your rieslings.


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