Best buys from a Barosss wine maker merchant

David Farmer entered the wine business back in 1975 when selling wine was a highly regulated affair. Liquor licences were limited and merchants refused to supply any retailer who dared not to comply with recommended retail prices. 
And then along came a Labor government and the abolition of resale price maintance.

Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, pictured above opening a Barossa winery for Kaiser Stuhl, was not himself a great wine drinker but the law he and Lionel Murphy changed sent wine prices crashing. Maybe some early customers of Farmer Bros still have a bottle or two of
Penfolds 1972 Grange
Sold at $8.99 a bottle
Selling wine has changed a lot since then but for David Farmer and his winemaking colleague Ben Parker, the principle of providing quality at value for money prices lives on.
Based at Tanunda in the heart of the Barossa their Glug winery, as a producer and merchant, bottles its own wines. No distributors and no retailers to inflate prices means the great value for consumers continues.
Some current best buys:
Goat Square Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016 $11.99 a bottle
Harem 'Shazada' Barossa Valley Mataro Shiraz 2012 $24.99 a bottle


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