Art and soul maybe on the label but nothing to do with Peter Lehmann's Barossa soul

Have been a regular visitor to the Tanunda Club while in the Barossa. Brother David and I like to get out of the house after I've had a hard day in the garden and he has done a bit of that and a bit of trying to sell enough wine to keep body and soul together.
Which is what made me turn to the Peter Lehmann riesling this evening. A wine to bring back fond memories of the great man. Surely I would get a taste of the Barossa or at least Clare or the Eden Valley.
Alas, 'twas not to be. This version from the current owners of the Lehmann heritage was like Yellowglen in a different bottle and not a mention of Barossa on the label
Sad really. Reputations are hard to make and easy to lose.
Just a one on my rating scale.


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