Three rieslings recently tasted - the Leo Buring would be my pick

Giesen Riesling 2016 Rating 0 Value -

Dan describes this New Zealand offering as "off-dry" The Owl would just call it sweet although there's nothing wrong with that if it's your thing. In what could be described as the old Ben Ean mold. $15 a bottle. Rates a zero on the Owl's scale but he would drink it cold on a hot day in the absence of anything better.

Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling Rating 1 Value 19

A regular tipple in the Owl's household because his landlady has fond memories of it as the first wine she drank in her parent's pub without them noticing. Old loves are hard to go past. No faults. Ok. Do we have anything else? $19 a bottle and rated a one.

Leo Buring Dry Clare Riesling Rating 1 Value 16

It was a pleasant surprise to find this lurking on the local Chinese restaurant wine list recently. Crisp and dry. $16 at Dan's. Rates a one but remember - the Owl is a hard marker.


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