Vinomofo - a great wine selling success story

An interesting profile of Vinomofo on the Techly website Business Success Series
These Vinomofo people have certainly shaken up Australian wine retailing and this article gives some insights into why.
The report says:
The company is an Adelaide-based Aussie startup, which approaches wine with a “no bowties no BS” approach. The co-founders, Dry and Eikmeier offer a platform for wine-lovers around the world to find great wine at an affordable price, simply through talking to a mate, rather than a wine connoisseur. Over the last seven years, the company has grown from a backyard business in Adelaide, run by just the two brothers-in-law, to a 120-staff strong business, with revenue of A$70 million.
It's a wine story that's worth a read.
One measure of the Vinomofo success is the way that Dan Murphy's is now copying Vinomofo's way of offering wines hidden behind black coverings.
It's not my style, nor that of my brother's Glug website, but imitation is the greatest form of flattery.


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