Sofitel's champagne bar? Not for me Huon Hooke

Huon Hooke
Chair of the Vin de Champagne Awards

Good to see where a wine writer's priorities lie. Huon Hooke is out on the social media plugging the product of one of his employers.
#Wine @HuonHooke - Fellow fizz freaks might like to know the smart new Sofitel Darling Harbour has a Champagne Bar. Cc @SofitelNews
His blog tells us: "It’s a new hotel so I could probably be forgiven for not knowing it had a Champagne bar. But, alas, it’s not an adventurous Champagne list – nothing more than you’d find in any smart restaurant. They offer 27 Champagnes, all of them from big houses."
And not a mention of the apparent absence of the many excellent Australian sparklings.
The Owl would expect a fair dinkum Australian wine writer to attack an international hotel chain operating that ignores a local product that would compare more than favourably with that French selection.
This is a bar the Owl will be avoiding.


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