The Glaetzer family Barossa tradition but you will find better value

The Glaetzer family are stalwarts of the Barossa Valley. The first Glaetzers settled in the Barossa Valley in 1888 after emigrating from Brandenburg, Germany. The family were some of the earliest recorded viticulturalists in the Barossa Valley and Clare Valley. The tradition lives on today with the wine making brothers Ben and Colin. 

The Owl recently bought the 2016 Wallace Barossa Valley Shiraz. 
As my small hand of regular readers will have noted, I am not really one for tasting notes. In my experience we all taste different things in wine and who am I To say that my palate is better?
So with this wine I am taking the coward's way out and letting the wine maker speak for himself. 

Make of that what you will. For the Owl it's definitely a Barossa but more work was needed.
$20 a bottle at Dan's and you will find better value. On The Owl's scale an 84.


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