When it comes to riesling familiarity breeds content

I am becoming convinced that the parable is wrong. Not contempt but content. Familiarity with riesling breeds content. I have a couple of glasses of the number four most nights before sometimes moving on to something else and I am liking it more rather than less.
The Rieslingfreak No4 is as much a staple for me as Coopers is for most of my contemporaries watching the footy on the screens. And I now realise I was a bit harsh with my rating a few weeks ago. I've given it an upgrade from an 81 to an 83 on my scale.
But I have to say it's a bit on the expensive side. I'm a $10 a bottle man when I can find a drinkable one. And I have with the 2017 Parrawatta Eden Valley Riesling.
Now judging the two wines like some poncy wine show official I would rate the No4 marginally better than the Parawatta. But then I consider the respective prices. $24 for the Freak's offering and $9 for the Parrawatta.
On the Owl's scale, combining quality and value for money, I'll settle for the Parawatta every time. An 83 on the 100 scale for the No4 and a 91 for the Parawatta.


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