A quartet of goats are my recommended wines of the week

My brother David of Glug, maintains the great fame of the Barossa Valley is built around Shiraz as the summer heat, often intense during the ripening cycle, is built into the wines which gain a deep mid-palate so intense it can appear sweet. But there are two other heritage red varieties that also develop remarkable flavours during the summer heat though in ways that are not so bountiful. While acceptance for Grenache and Mataro grows, it is steady as the flavours do not have the instant appeal of Shiraz. Lets say they respond better for the advanced consumers.
Having developed a "Barossa palate", I enjoy drinking them all. Maybe I am advanced!

The trio under the Goat Square label represent the very best of the Valley. The price for them of $11.99 a bottle is only possible because of the savings that come from cutting out the margins for distributors and retailers that take wines of comparable quality to $20 or more.
For more details and to order a wine from Glug, click on the links below.

If you were a Frenchman you would be aware of the great strength and charm that comes from combining the three varieties into one wine. They make one of that country's greatest wines. Most Australian red wine drinkers have not yet appreciated that the Barossa's a grenache/shiraz/mataro blends reach similar great heights.


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