Turning wine into a criminal product

Plans to put two 2cm-wide labels on the front of each wine bottle – one warning women against drinking any wine during pregnancy and the other a reminder that wine is illegal for under-18s - have major French winemakers angry. Sixty-four of France’s most illustrious vineyards and champagne houses are accusing the country's Health Ministry of “spreading fear”. 
“We are the guardians of an exceptional heritage: French winemaking,” they wrote in a submission to the government. “Every day, by exporting our produce, we share with the world, novices and wine buffs alike, a part of the soul of France.” The government risked “sacrificing” all their endeavours by turning wine into a “criminal product”, they warned.
Pierre-henri Gaget, of Maison Louis Jadot, told London's Daily Telegraph: “We don’t carry the plague and don’t want to be tarred with the same brush as cigarette manufacturers. To stick two warnings on the front label with a red line through them is unbearable. Next they’ll be slapping photos with cancer victims and saying wine is to blame.”


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