The regional reds of South Australia

It's a bold statement but the Owl reckons that reds from the premium, regional, vineyards areas of South Australia provide the best value for money wines in the world.
Here's why:
  1. The premium wine regions straddle the right latitudes for flavour ripeness, being not too hot and not too cold. 
  2. Gently rolling to flat land with water is available allowing efficient viticulture which keeps costs down. 
  3. Ample numbers of highly skilled wine makers and other scientific and technical people guarantee good wines plus as a group they are keenly focused on costs.
  4. The positioning of the wine regions means they are exposed to cooling weather from the Great Southern Ocean while being warmed by the inland heat of the Australian summer. 
  5. The vineyard regions vary in height from sea-level to many hundreds of metres which adds flavour complexity. 
Try for yourself with Glug's Regional Reds of South Australia mixed dozen available only this weekend.


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