Penfolds told to put a proper cork in it.

James Halliday is the man the Owl turns to when it comes to expensive wines that he normally cannot afford but likes to keep informed about. The column in The Weekend Australian is a must read.
Yesterday there was a little disappointment. The expected Halliday verdict on the just released 2014 Grange was reduced to this:

"The 2014 Grange (97 points, drink to 2044, $900) has been done no service by its cork closure. My quarrel with corks in red wines isn’t the risk of TCA (the mouldy smell), nor oxidation. It’s a purely mechanical issue: Grange is capable of living far longer than 30 years, but its FAQ (fair average quality) corks give no promise of doing so."

And that was that before he went on to give notes on three other wines from the Penfolds collection.


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